Hi, I am Gabi and I want to launch a helium balloon into the stratosphere. The first helium balloon released into the stratosphere from Iasi, Romania. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by space. I always knew there are many things waiting to be discovered.

As Disney said, "ideas come out of curiosity"; I I took the words seriously and began to follow my curiosity, bringing it to another level. Therefore, I want to launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere. It will measure temperature, humidity, space radiation and make some spectacular photographs of the Earth's curvature. But what makes this experiment unique in Romania is that it will be the first cryptographic transaction at high altitude.

I have custom designed a program that will send 5 evergreencoin/5 min straight from a helium ballon using a Raspberry Pi2 platform and a GPS/GPRS modem. The cool part is that it embeds your name, mail address, the gps location and the altitude in each transaction. I am planning to send 30 EGC transactions during the flight so if you want to be a part of this experiment and support the EGC, you can donate EverGreenCoin and enjoy the ride. This opens up a niche where the concept and the tech behind the EGC can prove its strenghts and once the whole world would see this, it would obviously reflect in the ECG price as well. So, let's support EGC with cool new projects as it has a lot to offer.

Come on Board!

Do you want to be part of this unique experience in  crypto history? Or to tell to  your friends that your name traveled into the stratosphere in a helium balloon? I have prepared for you a few packages of flight, in exchange for a donation to take us closer to the Earth's curvature.

2500 EGC flight

In exchange for a donation of 2500 EGC, you will get: Your name printed in the logbook that will reach the stratosphere. I will  sent 5 EGC to your wallet, embed your name , altitude, and mail address in that transaction and also send you via e-mail the best picture of all the flight. All donations  can be sent to EULYpvcbjZ7VLzQWJepcHWDYgKFcy7pJds  address and after the experiment is over, I will also release the wallet file so you can check the "comment"  and "comment-to" of the transaction (gps location/ altitude of each transaction). The "comment-to" will contain your name and mail address, meaning that your name will travel in stratosphere and it will be embeded in the EverGreenCoin blockchain and history for ever. You will also become one of the first owner(s) of an strato EGC and crypto currency in the stratosphere). Cool huh? Donate here

You will take off from Iasi Airport in Romania so you will need a personalized ticket. We have a slick design, and we believe that you would love to see your name out there. It will look like this one, but with your name on it:)

9400 EGC flight

All the benefits from the previous package A first class flight, with the help of idei3d.ro. To be more specific, your name will be 3D printed  and will reach the stratosphere at  30+ km. After recovering (yes, the spacebox gets back to Earth), I'll ship your 3d printed name  :) This is how our  names look like in 3d:

3d printed iasi in space

Do you represent a company and want to be with us on this trip? I thought of you, I spoke to the captain of the flight and you have "reserved seats" for your company's advertising. So, for $150 worth of EGC  the logo of your company will appear on a mini-billboard that will fly in the stratosphere, outside the nacelle. P.S. Flight captain says we have left a few spaces available, but they'll  fill quickly. Donate here


This is part of a larger project that has attracted international media attention. 

Below is the interview published on cointelegraph.com:

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Electrical engineering, energetics and applied informatics faculty of Iasi


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Gabi Dumitriu


Want to know more about the project or to get about me? Send an email to contact@iasinspace.ro. Online, you find me here: